that phone call

It’s funny how a phone call or text ends up turning your day upside down.

what I was dealing with before hand: School work which consisted of sew together a boned bodice, re-write a resume, find images for inspiration. Put together a company overview. Finish research essay. Do all drawings for a tech and spec pack. Put together visual answers for design journal.

What I am now dealing with after the phone call: All that work plus dealing with a lawyer situation.

My previous landlords tried to get two months of rent out of me (long story short, left because of flooding, mould and cockroaches that were seriously effecting my health) Everyone had thought that they weren’t going to be doing anything about it and I get a call saying that they have contacted my parents.

Now to deal with the possibility of doing court stuff along with school stuff. I have decided that if this is what adulthood means, I dont like it. I made pancakes with chocolate milk in them….because I could and it almost made me feel better.

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Exciting News

School Beginnings!

It’s kind of inevitable in September. Fall rolls around, the Christmas catalog hits the door mat and school is in session. I did promise photos of the dresses I did in my fashion show about a month ago and I am just getting the photos in now. it feels like a long time, but what do I know of these things? Without further ado, photos! Taken by the wonderful Dockrell Photography in London Ontario:

Dockrell 2

Dockrell 3

Dockrell 6

Dockrell 7

Dockrell 11

And Yes the jacket and the dress are made of playing cards. Completely and totally! Took a very long time to do but I believe the effect is stunning. That dress was a head turner (and still is I believe) and was great fun to make. It all turned out wonderfully. There was a small glitch with music (they had the wrong song) but my models did amazing and went through all on their own. Everyone was beautiful and lovely and a joy to work with!

Now onto more recent news! One of my models (in the red dress with white rose outline cutouts) is a coordinator for a show that is happening beginning of October (little over a month or so). She called me up after she got hired and asked me to be a designer for that show, being able to re-use the dresses that you see photographed here (well of course, why would I say no?) I am altering one dress that I currently own. It is a white wedding dress that was given to me years ago. It has been sitting in my closet for all this time, with the possibility of it becoming a leaves dress (oranges and browns, maple leaves all over. a little beading) And so I am re-using a few of the dresses here, and then I am altering that white dress as I had originally intended for a fall fashion show. I am also making a little bolero to go with it, with ruffles and the whole nine yards.

What is even more exciting, is because this dress is the one that is the embodiment of the theme, it has been chosen for the poster dress. This dress that I am altering, that I am putting together is being featured in the posters and cards for the show! Holy Crow!

Goosebumps and a Happy Jive. That is all I have to say to that!

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summer insanity

Well, life has not failed to give me plenty to do. More than I possibly could think possible actually.

This Friday is the fashion show that I have designed 5 dresses for. So in short, between the end of school and now, I have designed, pattern drafted and sewn to entirety 5 dresses. I feel quite proud of myself. The theme of the show is Alice in Wonderland, so I have 3 dresses based off of the painted roses from the queens garden, and a dress and a jacket/skirt outfit made of playing cards. 

It has been a lot of work. My life has been a 6 am to 11 pm mad scramble to do anything that I possibly can do to get this all done. I have process pictures, which will be included when I have a little bit more energy and time. 

Photos to follow!

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Today is elections day. All the different parties have made their cases. There have been public debates and rallies. There have been letters and flyers and all that stuff. There has been much research. And there is the lovely voters card.

voters card

This card means I can vote. As a citizen of this country it gives me a say in how it will be run. As a woman in this country, it shows equality.

My great grandparents lived in a time where my great grandmother could not vote. She marched to change that. To not vote today would be an insult to everything she did so I could live a more equal life.

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a big stash

When you can do an entire fashion show with just the contents of your stash, you know you have a big stash. When you limit yourself to just two colours and you still don’t have to buy an inch worth of fabric….well….yes I realize it. I have a big stash. 


this is my preliminary pile of fabric I am using (yes, all from my own stash) There are a couple more that may be added depending on what ends up getting done and what doesn’t. How much some things take. That kind of thing. 


this is the pile of just red and white fabric that did not make the cut. There are two or three pieces in here that may get dded depending. But still, this is just the red and white fabric that is in my stash. I did not include deep dusty pink in this pile…

One can imagine just how large my stash is. Even I am not entirely certain. I think it has developed consciousness in it’s accumulation. 

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The end of one term, the start of another

The school year is officially out for the summer. College has finished courses, I passed with flying colours and it is now summer where there is time to yourself and no classes that have deadlines and no cap on creativity. 

I gotta say, it is weird.

I have finished my creative projects for school. My sewing is all done for classes. My final presentations are over and everything is wrapped up. So my summer begins and it starts with a co-op. I have not been able to find a paid summer position in London sadly, but I think I have found something even more valuable to me. I was approached a few weeks ago by one of my co-workers at Tim Horton’s to ask if I wanted to be a designer for a fashion show. So I said yes. 

Last week I got to go to a meet and greet and get to see everybody face to face. I have since gone through my fabric collection to see what I can use and pretty much everything that I am using is coming from my fabric stash (surprise surprise right?) And the designs have been pretty much finalized. 

I get to do measurements for my models next week and I can start some serious pattern making. Then on to sewing and putting the whole shebang together! 

Aside from that I have put two entries into a competition and continued my search for a summer job that will be paid. I have also been asked if I want to do another fashion show which would go on about a month later. I am seriously considering it, and would be almost disappointed in myself if I didn’t try it. 

So off I go to do planning and half-scale try-outs and laundry.

Never forget the laundry!

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golden threads

An update on my golden fleece! I have started it and it is coming along nicely. I have hair-sprayed the yarn which makes a huge difference. as you can see here in my comparison between my swatch and my fleece:


I started at the bottom because I wanted the strands to point towards the tail away from the neck which is basically the same as they would on a sheep. I made the pattern for the size I had calculated and looked at it and realized that it was a lot bigger than I had thought it would be, so I made it smaller. This is the start:


and this is where I had left it off. I only show the back here, so that I can monitor the progress and feel better about how long it’s taking me 🙂


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trust your calculations

This is the illustration that I have done for my dragon scale sweater. It’s not coloured but that is alright. I think it’s going to look really neat.


I cast on my sweater. And then I looked at it and it was waaaay too long. My tension was too loose. So I ripped it out and started again. And looked at it again and it was waaay too short (obviously my tension was too tight) so I ripped it out and did it again. And looked at it and thought no that can’t be right. So I started to rip it out again. And then I realized that my sweater hem was going to end at my hips, which means that the hem is going to go around my butt. This means that the measurement that I am working from really is correct.


This has been a lesson in trusting your calculations. 

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planning planning planning

Well, projects have been kicked off!

First on the list is the lovely dragon scale sweater. Size has been determined, a swatch has been crochetted, calculations have been made and it will be started up tonight! If there`s no photos there`s no proof right? Well here are some photos then, enjoy!


these are almost all my planning notes for how big I want the sweater with all the ease and such. The next page over is my calculating how many stitches need to be started to be able to make the sweater the size that I want it to be.


this is the swatch in it’s total glorious entirety. It’s going to look so cool as a sweater!


these are the scales all close up so you can see the colour variation in it’s loveliness. The bottom is started in a foundation half-double crochet stitch, which is basically a combined row of the half double crochet and the chain all together. It makes a nice start to the whole thing, and gives a little more stretch than a regular chain stitch start.

Now it just needs to be started and off to the races I go!

And I now have a second project on the go!

My general education class is fairytale, folktale and mythology and one of the major projects is a creative project of my own choosing, so I have decided to make a golden fleece. The golden fleece features in couple greek myths, and has also appeared in a few different places in popular entertainment. The golden fleece in Percy Jackson (which from a deign point of view, I was not crazy about how it looked) and recently in a book I read as a trophy. The one in the book is described as a sheep’s fleece where each individual hair has been coated in gold. That description really stuck out in my mind and so I am taking that concept and bringing it to reality. I have gotten the base supplies for it and have even started a swatch 🙂 I am using a shining golden yellow yarn from Lion Brand called Homespun which has the texture of a really crimpy wool. I am then rug-hooking it to a open weave mesh that I got at Lens Mill (not sure what it’s called or the brand) Here’s the swatch Image

from the fuzzing that has happened so quickly on the ends, I am going to have to do something about it. I am going to try hairspraying the ends after I’ve cut the lengths and see if that holds them together enough. If not I am going to have to try something that really messes with the feeling of the fleece. Although fleeces would technically be greasy feeling because of the lanolin, so I dunno. I’ll think of something if hairspray doesn’t work. I had thought about putting gold filament all through it, but I’m almost thinking that this on it’s own would look stellar and that the gold filament would be too much. I will add it to the swatch when I get my hands on it and see how it looks. Here is all my stuff together:Image

and the planning pages where I figure out how big the fleece can be to not use more than the yarn that I have, because I got all that the store had, tee hee.


off to starting my sweater I must go. More updates shall come in as things get done.

How’s that for a productive long weekend?

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planning and Gatorade

When I broke my leg five years ago and spent a week in the hospital drinking blue Gatorade at least twice a day to keep my muscles from cramping from disuse I developed a loathing for blue Gatorade. This past week I managed to have a bottle and not be totally revolted. Hurrah for small life improvements! On that side note, blue Gatorade is actually quite tasty, as long as you don’t have it practically constantly. 

Today my class went to Toronto to get the fabric for our final project, which is mighty exciting! Only into week five of the course and we are getting the stuff for the final project. A little scary, but still exciting! 

On the project side, I have made up my mind on an order for these projects! The blue dragon scale sweater first. Followed by the black scarf with red beads and then the round shawl of the tree of life. I have decided to make the shaping be just on the outside of the front and back pieces instead of trying to fit it into the middle of the piece by adding or taking away an entire scale, just because I think it will look nicer. As many side things as I can do will be half scales, so that it looks seamless when I join the front and back pieces. I’m still trying to decide if I try to do a shaped sleeve head, or just do long rectangles and attach them straight to the body of the sweater like you would for that kind of sleeve. Decisions decisions! I picked up the rest of the yarn that I am doing this out of, and it might not be enough for the entire thing. *gasp!* so I might end up getting a darker colour of the same weight and doing the sleeves (or part of it) in the secondary yarn as well as the collar. Possibly whatever I do for closures as well, which I haven’t decided on yet (of course)

Off to be exhausted and then go for a long day at school tomorrow. My brain shall ponder the possibilities of things!

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